Spring Into Your Balanced Health

Greetings.  After a 3 week retreat in South India in the international township of Auroville, I returned a few days ago to New Jersey on the east coast of America.

Needless to say, the atmospheres were quite different.  Having read about the coronavirus situation was nothing like living in the midst of what has quickly accelerated into a global pandemic.

Arriving in the Chennai airport, I was surprised to see so many people wearing those blue masks which barely covered their faces properly.  Then in Mumbai, there were even more of them. I kept wondering what false sense of security these gave.

In Auroville, there were perfect days filled with gentle breezes on my face. Tropical flowers were everywhere. People met one another with ease and openness. Of course, we knew about the virus but it had not reached the area. Everyone went about their responsibilities with the usual camaraderie and friendliness that permeates the settlement.

Within a matter of hours, my outside environment had shifted. In the airports, you could feel the fear as we avoided each other. It prepared me for landing in the States.

Here at home, it is a siege mentality and chaos. Federal leadership has been lax, late and lazy. It is bewildering that action was not taken weeks ago when there really could have been positive effects to hold back this surge of COVID-19.

In response and desiring to be of service with my particular gifts, I am starting a meditation and healing/self-care program for you.

This Friday, March 20th, is the 1st full day of spring.  The actual vernal equinox will occur just before midnight the previous evening, earlier than usual. It is the perfect time to create balance in your body as nature is creating balance with her rhythm of equal day and equal night.

At 12:30 pm EDT on my Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/wellnessagenda/    Miriam Belov Wellness Agenda, I shall post a 10-minute concentration on empowering yourself with peace and stillness. They are a great remedy for disease. It will later be posted on Instagram @miriambelov.

Remember, this happens on 3/20/2020 and will be easy for you to do. Of course, I am not suggesting that this is the only thing to do. Please refer to the links at the end for specific guidelines given by the WHO and the CDC.

Going forward, I shall be offering more free meditations along with Reiki and psychic healing sessions via Zoom, the phone, and FaceTime on a sliding scale. Doing this work for over 40 years has shown me how powerful and effective it is. To contact me, please go to my homepage www.wellnessagenda.com.  To learn more specifically about my Services, please go to https://www.wellnessagenda.com/services/

This time is a unique opportunity for you to truly recalibrate and center yourself. It is also, obviously, a time for global recalibration so that all around the planet we may coordinate our efforts.

Do as well as you can the best thing to be done now.

Ps: Use these links for clarification and updates from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Also, here are the 5 basic tips.



The 5 basic protective measures against coronavirus include:

  1. HANDS Wash them often
  2. ELBOW Cough into it
  3. FACE Don’t touch it
  4. FEET Stay more than 3 feet apart
  5. FEEL sick? Stay home
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