My Mission as the “Keep Calm” Mentor is to Share with You the Tools for More Health, Peace & Success so You May Live a Life filled with Optimal Wellness

Do you want to . . . .



Release sciatica pain?

Overcome overwhelm?

Get rid of tension headaches?

Cope with various diseases, ie: Lyme, Cancer, Heart?



Dissipate anxiety?

Experience psychic energy healing?

Use a past life to resolve persistent problems?

Learn an effective regime to relax your body, concentrate your mind and rejuvenate your spirit?

If so, let me help you

with the powerful skills, programs and wisdoms I have created over a lifetime of global study. They have kept me feeling great and looking young, even now as a boomer.

The founder of The Wellness Agenda, I am the ‘Keep Calm’ Mentor–a pioneering expert in the mind body spirit field. As a #1 best-selling author, consultant, speaker, healer and media producer, I have helped countless people.

For over 35 years I have created wellness programs for individuals and organizations, most notably the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the United Nations. With a dual Masters from Brown University, I appear on TV and all media platforms. Recently I was on WOR 710AM iHeart radio, NYC’s #1 news and talk station, sharing wellness tips for several months.

As a certified Reiki Master Teacher, my psychic energy work moves clients from dis-ease to integral health and from fear to success. I create positive change through my techniques and curated strategies that transform lives.

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“Miriam is a dedicated health professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience. . . to create peace, harmony and well-being in a very practical and nurturing way. I highly recommend her especially if you are experiencing blocks in your physical, fiscal or business health and success. She is gifted.

Lorraine Maita, MD
Medical Director and President at How To Live Younger

“Miriam can be of great value to the general public and serve us all well in this time of transition and change.”

Denise Yamada, TV news anchor KFMB

“The results were astounding. As Miriam placed her hands on him, he experienced relief from physical and mental anxiety. He had an over all feeling of physical well being, mental clarity and calmness. He felt invigorated and energized.”

Judith Lutz, R.N. Charge Nurse in Radiation Oncology
Medical University of South Carolina

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