Wellness Tips

All of us feel stress. There is good stress and bad stress. Some of us thrive on it. It is when the pressure is too much that this phenomenon becomes negative.

The good kind urges us on to do the best we can in a creative and exciting way. It is exhilarating, giving us the extra needed push to accomplish a job.

The bad kind causes us to do things in a hurry and often not the best way we can. It can make us feel badly, tense and even cause headaches, upset stomachs and bad backs.

Please answer the following questions in order to give yourself an indication of how stressed you may be:

There is never enough time.yes | noyes | noyes | no
You do more than two things at a time.yes | noyes | noyes | no
When driving, you speed.yes | noyes | noyes | no
You eat 1 meal a day standing/or in front of a machine.yes | noyes | noyes | no
Your body often feels tense.yes | noyes | noyes | no
It is hard to think clearly.yes | noyes | noyes | no
Your sense of humor has lessened.yes | noyes | noyes | no
There are too many deadlines. yes | noyes | noyes | no
You are frustrated when small things don't go your way.yes | noyes | noyes | no
You are competitive with everyone.yes | noyes | noyes | no
You often feel tired.yes | noyes | noyes | no
You eat a lot of sugar, chocolate or drink caffeine.yes | noyes | noyes | no
You are frequently ill/ or ill more this year than last.yes | noyes | noyes | no
You are anxious - about specific problems/ often about nothing in particular.yes | noyes | noyes | no
You do physical exercise.yes | noyes | noyes | no

Please think about the following:

How do you breathe?

You may now want to go The Wellness DVD page and look at the four clips from the video to get a few quick hints on how to relax.

Check for the next installment of Wellness Tips in a few weeks!

For any questions, please e-mail Miriam. Her e-mail is miriam@wellnessagenda.com

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