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Relax and Feel Great

Leg and Foot Massage

Upper Body Release

Body/Mind Breathing

De-stress, simplify and invigorate your life.

Welcome to body/mind health & fitness! By using this dowload, you will learn specific exercises to relax the body, concentrate the mind and rejuvenate the spirit.

Learn the powerful skills Miriam has honed over a lifetime and make your life healthier and filled with fun.

This program has kept Miriam feeling great and looking young even now as a boomer.

Knowing how to relax is crucial because relaxation is the core of wellness. This is the essential wellness program from which everything else can improve.

Creative Concentration

The Creative Concentration regime will bring you peace of mind, body calmness, flexibility and clear thinking.

A complete body and mind shape up, it celebrates your spirit.

It will help you intensify your own workouts – or start them, cope with illness and heighten your sensual pleasures.

Once learnt, you can use Creative Concentration for a mini-break to nurture yourself anywhere and at anytime.

Miriam’s  Creative Concentration program uniquely teaches:

  • Breakthrough Breathing ™
  • Innovative physical exercises using yoga and tai chi to relax your body
  • Mental techniques to focus your mind
  • Meditative practices to empower you

Relax…Feel Great! Stay Young with Miriam:

This download is only 30 minutes long so the routine can be followed a few times a week. It is filled with beautiful imagery and music to inspire you and detailed descriptions of the techniques.

Miriam has traveled worldwide and distilled the most ancient health secrets into one simple regime.

After much study and contemplation, the various steps in relaxation/meditation became clear to her. She has happily shared them so that each of us can know these skills.

This Download will give anyone:

  • increased energy and productivity
  • enhanced sensuality
  • inner well being
  • confidence
  • a stable psyche
  • a healthy outlook
  • greater enthusiasm for life
  • the dynamics of successful living

By using it people can work out better, feel better, look better and stay young – at any age.

The program has been used successfully by people from 12 to 88 years of age. Leaders, caregivers, beauty experts, firefighters, students and fitness teachers all have benefited with significant positive results in their lives.

Fit and sick, adults and youngsters, new moms and harried executives, diplomats and librarians: everyone can enjoy this download.

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