The Video: A Pink Supermoon

Hello and greetings,

Thank you for joining me now. Collaborating with nature’s powerful rhythm, this meditation is being recorded on the full moon in April. It is a pink full supermoon.  Pink because the Native Americans in Eastern North America saw the creeping phlox starting to bloom pink and supermoon due to its proximity to our planet during its path through the heavens.

It is heralding in several auspicious days for the Judeo-Christian lineage, Passover and Easter – a time of liberation and resurrection. Or you may wish to celebrate the joy of spring, when flowers are free to bloom and the earth is reborn with vegetation.

How fortunate you are with this beautiful moon, these holy days and springtime to empower you here and now as you go through this global plague of Covid-19. By using your own intention, you can even strengthen the external energies to balance your internal immune system and mental thoughts.

Here is my new video meditation that you can do now.  The rest of this is the remainder of its script.

Gently close your eyes as you settle into awareness of your body in space. Either sitting in a chair or if you want, lying down. I just want you to be comfortable. If in a chair, have both feet flat on the floor. The spine is erect. Breathe out your distractions through your nostrils by pulling your abdominals towards your spinal column. Now breathe in the light with a full solar plexus. Visualize in your mind’s eye the light being the color pink, the pink of the supermoon, the pink of the love in your heart. With every inhalation, you magnify these results for you. Do this 3 times and then throughout the meditation. Feel grounded and secure.

As you start to settle into your breath and body, you relax your physical being:

Follow my instructions: relax your forehead. Please soften your eyes. Relax your cheeks, ears and jaw. Relax your neck, your shoulders. Relax your heart space and upper back. Now allow the stress from your upper body to flow down your arms and out through your fingertips.

Relax your lower back. Allow the tailbone to widen and flatten. Open your pelvic area: hips, thighs. Relax your knees. Now allow the stress from your lower body to flow down your legs and out through your toes and the soles of your feet.

As your body has moved into a place of more contentment, let us go into its cellular consciousness. See in your mind’s eye a cell and in its center, rather than a nucleus, see a fountain with flowing water. The water is pink, cleaning and continuing to vitalize every particle of your cell. Then see this happening in each and every cell of your body. Washed clean and filled with healing love.

You have now established peace in the body. At this juncture, I would like you to choose a word that you would like to grow into, even become: strength, faith, truth.  You will use this to begin to concentrate the mind. By concentrating your mental awareness, you bring stillness into your consciousness.

You will use your breath to help you again. As you breathe out, just allow all your usual thoughts to scurry across the screen of your mind. As you breathe in, just concentrate on your chosen word. See it surrounded by the pink light, glowing with importance.  Do this 3 times.

Continue to focus on your breath and word as you listen to my voice.

I was deeply moved by David Brooks’ excellent article in the NYTimes last month, The Moral Meaning of the Plague.  


In it he says, “…Already, there’s new energy coming into the world.  The paradigmatic image of this crisis is all those online images of people finding ways to sing and dance together across the distance.  Those videos call to mind that moment of Exodus when Miriam breaks into song…”

Here is my commentary:

“Clearly the time is now.  This present moment is a universal opportunity to make us all stop, dig deep and truly live by values of peace, love and compassion.  For those of us who need to stay inside, it can be a spiritual retreat if you so choose to make it one. Do self-care as you practice relaxation in the body, concentration in the mind. To those of us who are on the front lines, we send intense gratitude and protection.

The climate crisis seemed to be the wakeup call for us humans but I guess we were just too slow. So Mother Nature threw in another alarm, this Covid-19 global pandemic.

Obviously we are being asked – rather forced – to change our outlooks as we recalibrate our perspectives to embody higher wisdoms.  Hard lessons are being learnt while deeper insight is being accomplished. For many others, there will be no choice.  Death will take them.

Those of us who come through this plague will come out humbled and made tender. Then we shall all sing and dance together – rejoicing and touching – to welcome our future as Miriam in the Bible did so many millennia ago.”

Gently open your eyes. Hi Again. Here I am, Miriam in 2020.

Continue with your Breakthrough Breathing and your own mantra prayer as I encircle you with a pink light of love from above your head, going around your body and then below your feet.  Connecting with your cells filled with pink healing love, you are shielded from within and without.

Due to this time of liberation and resurrection, many loved ones are coming through from the other side giving you added love and strength. Remember a festive meal you shared with them. Feel the joy and ceremony you experienced with them. Feel their loving protection at your back as you create a path forward with your heart for your children and future loved ones.

Use your pink light to encircle the globe pouring love and health to all sentient beings, air and water, mountains and valleys.

Be grateful. Smile. You have blessed yourself and others.

Sing the songs of prayer. Dance rejoicing. Blossom as the lily with purity arising from a perfect consecration.


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