Color Yourself Calm

Do you know about your 7 main energy centers?  Do you know how they support your total health?

In the Indian language of Sanskrit, chakra means spinning wheel of energy.  These are located in the etheric – not the physical – body.  Interestingly though, each center relates to specific organs in the physical body as well as your emotional, psychological and spiritual states of being.  Although originating in the East, the chakras also relate to Judeo-Christian systems and give profound insight into your physical spiritual framework.

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These spinning wheels of energy are located in a vertical column along the spinal column.  The chakras need to be functioning well and unblocked so that you can be your most vibrant and healthy. Together they make up your aura, your electromagnetic energy field.  

By working with them, you can access pathways into your emotional history and its effects on you physically.  You are a walking history of your past memories and experiences.  These remain in the body and over time can help us heal if they are happy feelings or can weaken us if they are sad ones.

Your mind body spirit continuum is expressed through your chakra system.  It is crucial to keep it open and flowing with positivity.  Then you are able to empower yourself.  By going inward, you can truly create your own energy that then manifests outwardly in your own story.

Learning about each chakra gives you a tool to enter various parts of your physiological make-up and correct them.  Each chakra also has a color and a musical note that relates to its vibration.  It is always helpful to meditate on the colors, their corresponding organs and release any blocks to your psycho-spiritual balance.

Then you can experience your own unique rainbow as it blesses you.

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