March Magic

It’s time. Spring forward. Today is the vernal equinox, the balance of nature – equal day and equal night. As nature finds her balance, so you need to find your own – standing tall and centered in yourself. As you move into a deeper awareness, sense that each and every cell of your body is in equipoise. See them pulsating green. During the past months, seeds have sent their shoots down into the ground. Soon, they will bloom so all may enjoy their beauty and fragrance. You are now a channel of radiant rejuvenation with your roots, your own intentions, and aspirations that have been honed throughout the winter, growing in your own garden, your consciousness.

Please list 3 intentions that you have clarified over the winter.
See them in 3 plots of soil:
1 personal, 1 professional, 1 for your soul’s mission. Then visualize them flowering in success. Use a specific flower for each intention and work with this until the summer solstice, June 21st.

The lunar calendar is also in play. It’s a full moon and the 3rd and last supermoon of the year. A supermoon is closest to the earth in its orbit – appearing larger than usual to us. The conjunction of a full moon on the vernal equinox last happened in 2000 and will not happen again until 2030. Take advantage of this celestial opportunity. Shining brilliant white light to illuminate your intentions, bathe in its glow. Journal how you feel afterward.


And since March is Women’s Month, it is fitting that the evening of the 20th also heralds in the Jewish holiday of Purim with the heroine Queen Esther. She is honored with her own book for her story is an ancient one of courage, “speaking truth to power” and saving her people. Once she realizes her true strength and why she was brought to her exalted position as queen of Persia, she risks her very life to tell her spouse, King Ahasuerus, about the enemy of her people. He is then able to punish them. Today there is much merrymaking and feasting to celebrate her victory.

Please acknowledge 1 action that you took recently that was heroic in your life and honored your ideals, ie: recycling, meditating on peace, taking part in a group to further a cause you believe in.

My Mission as the “Keep Calm” Mentor is to Share with You the Tools for More Health, Peace & Success so You May Live a Life filled with Optimal Wellness

Do you want to . . .
• Destress?
• Dissipate anxiety?
• Release sciatica pain?
• Overcome overwhelm?
• Get rid of tension headaches?
• Experience psychic energy healing?
• Practice Mindfulness and Meditation?
• Use a past life to resolve persistent problems?
• Cope with various diseases, ie: Lyme, Cancer, Heart?
• Learn an effective regime to relax your body, concentrate your mind and rejuvenate your spirit?

If so, let me help you
with the powerful skills, programs and wisdoms I have created over a lifetime of global study.

Currently, I have created space in my calendar to work with 3 people who are serious about transformation. Send me an email to reserve your spot and spring into your evolution.  
Yes, March Magic is upon us. It is intoxicating in its vibrant synchronicity.
Stay grounded, embrace your own earth and shine on.

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