International Women’s Day

Have a strong and happy day on March 8th!

Throughout the world women are becoming more and more empowered.  This takes many forms such as the film, “Period. End of Sentence”, winning the Oscar at the 91st Academy Awards for best documentary short. It shines light about rural Indian women and the harassment that begins with menstruating – to the record breaking number of women in the United States’ Congress.

What are YOU able to do in your life to empower yourself and set a good example for the younger women and girls you know?!  Do you express how you really are feeling about an issue, a situation or emotion.  Are you making healthy choices in the foods you eat and give to your family?  Do you make time to exercise, give yourself self- love and meditate?

The beginning of the year saw me teaching groups of international women.  The work was about mindfulness and meditation and how it related to their lives, both professionally and personally.

In January H.E. Ambassador Picco invited me to speak at the Mission of Monaco to the United Nations to the women Ambassadors of which there are over 40!

Then in February I was in Chatham, NJ teaching to a group of local women and 1 brave man – some originally from India and the Philippines – about the importance of self-love before Valentine’s Day.

And just this Monday after a huge snowstorm, I drove to the city to share with a group of UN spouses hosted by Ju Tan of Singapore.

Here are quotes by women from around the world about meditation which I shared with everyone. I hope they inspire you.

“It’s good to have an end in mind but in the end what counts is how you travel.” Orna Ross Ireland

“…The voice that truly matters is the silent voice of…consciousness….” Oprah America

“We are always surrounded by the things of which we think” Mira Richard France/India

On May 1st ,Wednesday, I shall be in Chatham
again @Scooch A Mi for an evening about
Rejuvenation   Meditation   Reiki
*Come join me for a workshop on integral healing and health*


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