A 2021 Gift/The Video: The Winter Solstice

This is my New Year’s Gift to you.  2021 is a huge opportunity to pivot to the new.  A major impetus for this occurred on 12/21.  The Winter Solstice and the Great Conjunction created an opening that still reverberates now and will continue for some time into 2021.

The winter solstice is always a special time in the rhythms of Nature.
Along with the shortest day and the longest night, The Great Conjunction also occurred!

This video was taken on 12/21 when I facilitated a gathering and led the community in techniques of self-care and then a meditation.  The meditation is @20 minutes into the video.


It was especially auspicious and so I wish to share the experience with you now.
The intentions you create and the prayer you intuitively receive are valid and powerful.
Take advantage of this unique opportunity to bask in your inner light with self-care.

Igniting your illumination, shine brightly into 2021!

The Great Conjunction is when Jupiter and Saturn come very close to one another.  This configuration occurs generally every 20 years but cannot always be seen.  The last time they were this closely observable was 800 years ago in 1226.  Jupiter is the large planet in front of Saturn which has its famous rings.    For this to happen on the winter solstice is quite unique, having occurred last in 205 BCE!

Some astronomers believe that the Star of Bethlehem was even one.  In 1563 they were easily seen in the morning sky. The last closest alignment was in 1623 but could not be seen even though the telescope had just been invented.

All this shows how fortunate you are to be here now and aware of the power of the stars.  In fact, this is the 1st time in 615 years that the Great Conjunction is taking place in the air sign of the constellation of Aquarius!

Yes, Aquarius – and around the world, there will be many gatherings to honor this.  Let us join with them to help uplift the vibrational field of our planet and of ourselves

This opportunity has been foretold.  We are the people we have been waiting for.  Be courageous.  Be your own heroine and step out in faith and confidence.

On a global level, it is time for harmony, humanitarian efforts, community concerns, ecological action, social activism. A renaissance of foresight, culture, and knowledge occurs. New technologies that help science and combat the plague of Covid-19 will be invented. The shadow side of Aquarius is dictatorial and replaces the old with a new tyrant. It seems we have come through that with Joe Biden’s election as President and Kamala Harris as Vice-President here in America. Hopefully, we shall see more benevolence and intelligence functioning for all.

On a personal level, you can keep the vibration high by being true to yourself, in all its light and shadow. Be honest with the complete range of your feelings.  And then move forward into love and compassion for yourself. Resourceful individuality is called for.  It is also an excellent moment to set intentions and accomplish goals, especially professional ones.

Let go of the past year.  Pivot and look forward to 2021. You are now being given a new wave of beginnings to ride.

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