Miriam Belov and George Nakashima in 1988


Happy 2024!

Welcome this new year with optimism and courage. It is filled with powerful possibility. You just need to be clear with what you want to manifest.

It is still time to list your intentions for the coming months. So make your list and check it twice, a list of your presents to yourself.

Indeed, creating from this present moment, you can go with the flow of earth, nature, sky wisdom, and your deepest desires. These streams merge into the river of your life as you proceed with each conscious step forward. You can co-create with these universal forces a magical, extraordinary year for yourself.

GRATITUDE is the emotion. Be its vibration emanating from your heart as it encircles you.

Your intentions can cover all aspects of your life.
Here are a few categories, though they can easily overlap:

strong body and mind
personal, familial, intimate, professional
emotional, financial, intellectual

love, abundance, peace, health
Like the wings of a butterfly, your laughter can help shift a situation.  With focus allow your joyous vibration to aid in dissipating a painful spot on the planet. Your intentional meditation can do wonders!

The main picture is of George Nakashima and me in 1988.  He had honored me by wearing the medal given to him by the Emperor of Japan and the government for his work as a designer, artisan, and woodworker! It was the Third Order of the Sacred Treasure. George also had many other awards given to him as the father of the Arts and Crafts movement in mid-century America.

Nakashima has a huge influence in my life. From when we met until his passing, I cherished every moment spent in his presence. Fortunately, it continues for I am on the Nakashima Foundation for Peace Advisory board.

Miriam's reiki diploma

Additionally, I became a certified Reiki Master Teacher – a lineage that is Japanese. This has added greatly to my innate healing intuitive work.
In fact, Nakashima said this about me:

Synchronistically, I’ll be doing a workshop at the Nakashima compound in New Hope, Pennsylvania next month!
Due to the popularity of this workshop, it has been completely filled. You can still add your name to the waitlist by emailing the Nakashima Foundation at Info@nakashimafoundation.org

Miriam Belov as a child and her father, Mathew

Mathew is my darling father, the man tenderly holding me. It’s his birthday on the 18th of January. He was born in 1916 and died at the age of 80 as he wished.

He lived an adventurous life: being the 1st in his family to go to university and then becoming a bacteriologist. His public health and environmental career was highly regarded by his colleagues and even the state of NJ. He was also a devoted husband, father, son, son-in-law, brother, and grandfather.

His initials are my childhood ones, MK. Dad was a great tennis player, wore bow ties, and smoked pipes and cigars. With every moment I feel his guiding presence. A grace filled with a lifetime together. An infinite blessing. All good.

He bought the house that so many of us lived in, which I sold just a few months ago decades later. In my move, I’ve found pictures of him in various stages of his life.  They are inspiring for me to see.

With a full heart, I can tell you that Nakashima and my father met and had a jovial time. My parents finally agreed to go to the compound and it was delightful with everyone luxuriating in the camaraderie.

Mathew and George instantaneously warmed to one another, or was it the saki?!  In any case, the two men appreciated one another. Interestingly, my father, a man of science, deeply appreciated the beautiful atmosphere George had crafted.

At the beginning of 2024, I share these very personal relationships with you to give a few insights into my backstory and to delineate some important traits for you to go forward with in your own way.

Belief in yourself
Clear objectives

I am at the ready to help you in this new year as you metamorphose into the new you!
You may contact me here

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