Video: Autumn Balancing

This video meditation was filmed on September 23 to channel the energies of the autumn equinox to you.  It was done just on this moment of equal day and night.

The torrential rain here in the northeast of America seemed to cleanse both your inner light and darkness. (It felt that for me personally.) You are then able to be in your integrated soul space: purified and whole.

As you explore the ways you can balance both your internal world of spirit, intuition and stillness with your external one of professional, personal,  and purpose, realize that you are arriving at your harvest time.  All the hard work you did in the previous months comes to fruition as you reap your heartfelt intentions.

Once centered by grounding into the earth, feeling the sky above and being the rainbow with all your centers – your chakras – balanced, you may now partake in a collective meditation to help balance our sweet Mother Earth.

May there be peace and harmony in your life and the land.

To be able to daily experience an Intentional Meditation to revitalize you and our planet, go to Embracing Earth.

The download has been recently updated so that you can easily and swiftly access this 20-minute experience.

By listening to it, you will:
*Relax your body
*Concentrate your mind
*Rejuvenate your spirit
*Connect to sacred spaces on Earth
*Be inspired by original music

Your health and our planet’s health are connected.  This is becoming ever more evident.  The past week was the opening of the United Nations’ General Assembly with a focus on the climate crisis and necessary action. Invited to several events, I went to one which discussed this very issue.

So here’s a heads up – to keep you strong, healthy and balanced during this autumn.  Covid is back, along with other diseases.

Be vigilant, take precautions and listen to Embracing Earth.

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