A Pink Treat

Autumn has arrived.  Falling leaves, pumpkins, cooler weather. Plans for Halloween and fun costumes to parade around in. The air has a smell of cinnamon spice.  Red and orange trees are appearing as we await peak foliage.

Then suddenly this autumn reverie was shattered by the barbaric terrorist attack in southern Israel at the beginning of October. The ramifications are still unfolding.

Now more than ever you need to stay in your calm center as regressive behavior is bursting out everywhere: from US political turmoil to our campuses, from Ukraine to the Middle East.

By being both mentally and physically in equilibrium, you can perform the best acts that you are inspired to do. The best way you can stay in your center is by MEDITATION (services):

1. In your internal stillness, you sink into balance.

2. Coordinating with your breath, you can drop out of your head and into your heart anywhere.

3. Meditating is the key to holding yourself gently in concentrated attention.

4. It allows you to watch your own thoughts with detachment as you connect to the eternal flame within you.

5. No judgement. Just loving kindness as you go more deeply into your being with each breath.

6. You become mindful of your body in space.

7. Then turning your awareness inward, you can experience cellular consciousness.

8. Intentional Meditation is when you open yourself to focus on a desired outcome. I have been using this term and teaching it recently because you have the ability to cocreate with nature’s rhythms and the universe.  You need to use it now!

More information about this follows the gracious Kwan Yin below. She is the goddess of compassion and giving blessings in the pose. Let her bless you.

Gratefully, the date had been chosen months ago and as a member of its advisory board I was, of course, inspired to take part in the Nakashima Foundation for Peace’s benefit.  It celebrated the grande finale of the Golconde show.

It was especially a grace to be part of it for the violence in the Middle East was reaching too close to home. I needed to be bathed, if only for a few hours, in the uplifting atmosphere of our gathering. It’s time to revive that 60s’ chant: Make Love, Not War!

The sun came out @the Nakashima compound in New Hope,Pa.: a place of deep peace and beauty. So grateful for this ray of sunshine midst all the current darkness.

It was in the Arts Building which is at the bottom of the path in the photo. The building has a sketch by Ben Shawn along its side. He and George were close friends. We were all treated to a marvelous concert of Indian music and delicious food.

The main photo is from inside the Arts Building, looking out at the harmonious landscape in the sun.

Now more than ever, you need to find a practice which gives you the space to listen to your own wisdoms – often learnt in your past lives – which can guide you now in the present.

October has two astronomical events. The 14th saw the Ring of Fire when there was a partial solar eclipse.  This coming Saturday is another eclipse: that of a full moon partial lunar eclipse.

We are in the midst of huge changes and opportunities.  Obviously, these eclipses are stirring up lots of outdated obscene behavior in the 3d world of violence and aggression.

Conversely, they are immense opportunities to uplevel your own consciousness.

Please use the 28th to shine your own inner light on that which needs to fall away.  Let it go. Make room for that which you wish. Bring it in. Use Intentional Meditation to accelerate the process.

In fact, please join me and many others in a global Intentional meditation @12:30pm NYC from wherever you are. It will last for 20 minutes.

“Exhale your distractions.
Breathe in the color pink of love.
Allow it to flow through your body
From above your head to below your feet.
It fills every cell.
See pink now radiating out from your whole being
To our planet.
Allow this powerful embrace of Love to
Blanket the earth and all sentient beings.
Allow your embrace to melt away hatred
So that all may be permeated with pink passion:
A passion of Love.”

I am calling this content “A Pink Treat” because of this intentional meditation of pink power and its proximity to the Halloween.  There have been enough tricks. You deserve some treats!

Now more than ever, step into your power and manifest the kind of world you wish for: personally filled with love, health and success
planetarily with peace, sustainability and compassion.

state of Buddhist goddess kwan-yin

My gift to you during the months of October and November is special pricing when you schedule a private healing session that includes meditation techniques for you – or someone you love – to learn. I also do past life readings which are especially insightful at this time.  You can contact me through my website.  Just fill out the contact form. I wholeheartedly look forward to being of service to you during this challenging time.

As a certified Reiki Master Teacher, my psychic energy work moves clients from dis-ease to integral health and from fear to success. I create positive change through my intuitive techniques and curated strategies that transform lives.

Synthesizing the best of global wisdoms and the newest scientific research, I founded The Wellness Agenda, a platform for self-care in the 21st century using mind body spirit tools. I am the ‘Keep Calm’ Mentor: a pioneering expert who now – after 50 years of work – is a global visionary. As a #1 international best-selling author, Reiki Master Healer Teacher, consultant, speaker, intuitive, and media producer, I help countless people by being on US media to teaching in Auroville, India, and lecturing at the United Nations headquarters in NYC.

With a dual Masters from Brown University, I create bespoke wellness programs for many organizations, most notably the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the US Dept. of Labor, the Estee Lauder Companies, and Shiseido. I appear on TV and social media channels and was on WOR 710AM iHeart radio, NYC’s #1 news and talk station, as a wellness advocate.

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