Thank Your Lucky Stars

Are you interested in astrology? Does it have any meaning for you? The stars and the planets have always fascinated me. It is as if they create a potential field of energy and influence on us humans. Astrology can be another tool to explore your own psychology and psyche. And if you know how to use it, you can be lucky!

The planets are named for the Roman goddesses and gods. We can learn from their stories about the various attributes we may have. When the moon is new, it is good to bring in new goals. When it is full, it is good to release issues. This is a monthly rhythm that can enlighten your journey. We can also take heed to relax, redo and recharge when the various planets go into retrograde.

What about you? Do you know your sun sign and astrological chart? These can help you stand firmly on earth as you reach for the stars!

I am a Scorpio, born in the beginning of November. Many of my gifts merge with traditional Scorpio traits: intuitive, passionate, a healer. Scorpio is an interesting sign since it is the only one which goes through transformations. The initial symbol is a scorpion, full of venom and sting. The sign then can change into the snake, healing and dangerous. The eagle is next, soaring into new consciousness and compassion. Finally there is the phoenix, the bird who dies and is reborn again from its own ashes into new life.

I have certainly gone through all 4 signs, often repeating the cycle each time with a deeper realization as I progress on the upward spiral. With all its challenges and rewards, I am grateful to have chosen being born in Scorpio. The following prose poem is entitled “The Phoenix” in honor of Scorpio’s final transformation.

It is on my website page which lists all the offerings I have created for you to help you in your transformation. You can also gift them to a loved one. Happy Thanksgiving and have gratitude as we move into the Holiday Season!

“City streets send up pulses with rhythms of life. Iridescent vibrations of heat, wave hands like clouds and sink into the root. Sun glows into yellow moon floating like a ripe peach in the evening sky. A velvet whisper caresses my limbs. Glowing so deeply, I move through lush waves of air on the scents of dreams in the balmy nights.

Green hills pushing towards the sky, clusters of flowers with their faces turned up to the sun, These stretches of earth refresh – cool, quiet movements.

Wings of the angels brush us gently as the wind moves through metropolis and dale.

It is all the same–each expression an act of supplication. Life speaks in a cabal, carefully opening the gates if we only know how to know. On her soul the aspiration ascends.”

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