Keep Calm and Spring Forward

How wonderful to be in May with its abundance of orange, yellow, and pink blossoms. Suddenly the trees are filled with a profusion of green leaves. Nature is making her grand entrance and I am welcoming her with open arms!

How about you?  How do you do? Are you able to fully embrace this month?!

It’s finally time to go forward with the restorative rhythm of the earth.

One way to take advantage of this moment is to grow deeply into your own meditation practice. Then you will be able to experience the miraculous regeneration that May expresses.

Forest bathing and Ecotherapy will be more easily available to you. I’ve been doing just that in the north country.

Let’s review some benefits of meditation:
1. Concentrates the mind
2. Relieves anxiety
3. Brings you into the now
4. Develops Mindfulness
5. Relaxes the body

Whichever of the above, or ALL, you want to bring into your life, now is the perfect time to start – or further – your meditation practice.

Allow me to help you align in deeper clarity with your own meditation. Let me know how I can be of service to you at this momentous time.

With nature’s resilience on full display, you can strengthen your own health by working in tandem with her now.

Being in nature with a meditative poise gives you an accelerated experience:

1. Being still allows you to be one with the great stillness of the tree.
2. Feeling the wind in your hair brings you back to your own breath and breakthrough breathing.
3. Breathing out deeply to release fear and breathing in deeply to be faith.

It allows you to further appreciate nature’s cyclic wisdom of letting go and honoring the sacredness of connection.

Earlier in this writing I mentioned forest bathing and ecotherapy. They have been precious for me, especially at this time of my life.

I have just finished preparing my home for sale. It has been in my family for 70 years.  My maternal grandmother even lived in it. You can imagine the amount of letting go I went through!

From Buddhist nonattachment to loving precious art drawn by my daughter, I made many decisions while going through a plethora of emotions.

It has been 5 months of disciplined work through many closets and rooms/an archeological dig in my own home.

Once I finished it just a couple of weeks ago, I knew what I needed to do!  Ecotherapy and forest bathing beckoned. I traveled north to take refuge in nature. Lots of hatha yoga, juicing, and then stillness at an outlook deep in the mountains.

Ecotherapy is the intentional appreciation of nature as a healing modality for us humans. Forest Bathing is using your senses in a mindful way while immersed in nature.

As the “Keep Calm” mentor, I have explored numerous methods to keep calm. My passion has taken me around the globe to study ancient practices at holy sites and into scientific research from respected sources.

Meditation is the underlying connector. It is the giant root that has fertilized its many far-reaching branches to grow a canopy of inspiration for you. It both heals and rejuvenates you down through your very cells while up-leveling your very vibration.

Be grateful that spring is here and you are a part of its beauty. Go forth and bloom into your best expression of yourself.

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