Be Your Own Wonder Woman

Using the 4 attributes of wisdom, strength, beauty and perfection as gateways into your own personality, you can move into your soul essence integrally with integrity.
The heroine in the world record breaking movie, “Wonder Woman”, does this very action.
In the film, she moves from Princess Diana to Wonder Woman as she recognizes her calling and who she truly is.

The same journey is available for you as you allow yourself to be the sacred being you are.
As you go deeply into your own life, you can relate to the divinity that lies within. Let’s focus on each trait. Then you will see how it expresses itself uniquely through you.
Once these are integrated, the divine shines through in the here and now. Your spirit can then lead you onward into your best future.

Wisdom contains a wide perspective of vision, truth and knowledge. It has a calmness that pervades all your thoughts. Compassion illuminates. An integrity and trustworthiness of will are integral.
Strength contains force and the swift action towards victory. This quality also has a sense of laughter, a courage in the face of despair and the willingness to persevere until success.
Beauty contains love and delight. The spirit’s grace permeates everything. Joy surrounds you. Charm flows from you. All is harmonious. Protection and blessings abound. Please see the main photo taken in the MAA.

Perfection contains the skill in work, the organization and execution that culminate in the fulfillment of the task. It likes details and creates order.

Now that you have identified each quality, please write down an experience in your life which expresses each one.
You can go back to your early childhood to find an example or just write about an event that occurred yesterday.
The idea here is to for you to recognize how these traits manifest for you. Be as specific as possible: Where were you? What were you wearing?
How was the weather? What happened? How did you feel?! Who were you with?

Is there one attribute which you would like to use more of? Which one made you feel great? Which experience scared you? Which one empowered you to do your best?
Finishing the exercise, please take a few moments to reflect. Exhale your distractions and breathe in the unity of your being in this present moment.

Wisdom, strength, beauty and perfection all exist within you. They have since you were born.

Now that you are conscious of them and how they function in your life, you can access them whenever you want. Yes, play with them. Recognize which ones are the most comfortable for you and which ones you need to cultivate. Take advantage of the solar eclipse this month to go inward and enlighten yourself!

The overwhelming success of “Wonder Woman” reflects a deep need in our society for heroines – and heroes – who are sincere, truthful and brave.
Collectively, we are inspired. Individually, you can be this shero/hero!

Be your own wonder woman/man and express the sacred in yourself.






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