Liberty Enlightening the World

Both the American 4th of July and the French Bastille Day are celebrated in July. And now it is more important than ever for you to stay integral and true with clarity of purpose. With so much darkness and the underside of human nature coming to the fore, we each need to be in deep connection with our inner light and highest purpose to project it outward.

As you may remember, France gave the Statue of Liberty to the United States in 1886 to commemorate its alliance with the United States during the American Revolution and to honor the 100th anniversary of the American Declaration of Independence. For the French who proposed the gift, it also was intended to emphasis the ideals of liberty in France at the time. This Goddess of “Liberty Enlightening the World” proudly proclaims her purpose!

You have a personal purpose, a professional purpose and a profound purpose. This last one is the overriding arc of your life.  It is the expression of your soul: a protector of the  environment, to be of service to others , a teacher of peace.  Please identify your profound purpose.  If you do not know it yet, here is a tip.  Often using your personal and professional goals as signs along the path, you can intuit what you really are here to do.  Make a list of strongly felt positive desires and things you wish to accomplish.  Meditate and then see which resonate for you.

Ideally these 3 purposes can blend into 1 integral aspiration that you can express and live with in integrity. Having integrity and being integral can help you in finding and experiencing your profound purpose.

Integrity is sincerity, truthfulness. It is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
Integral means complete, fundamental, intrinsic. What do these qualities mean for you? At peace? Clear minded? What emotions do you feel about these words? Good ones I trust.

Moving with a totally positive intention, identify the emotions, thoughts and actions which can propel you forward – to pull you into your good future. Here your passion and purpose merge into a sincere and well lived life.

Take advantage to move ahead with your deepest aspirations so that your profound purpose manifests.

In the height of summer with nature blooming, allow yourself to seek refuge in her rhythm. Allow yourself to bloom into your essence: integrally with integrity.

The heroine in the world record breaking movie, “Wonder Woman”, does this very action.  In the film, she moves from Princess Diana to Wonder Woman as she recognizes her calling.

The same journey is available for you as you allow your profound purpose to enlighten your world.

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