Self-Care w/Compassion

Hi again. As promised, I am continuing to write about self-care and its importance. This content is especially focused on loving oneself and the value of compassion towards oneself.

The global plague of Covid-19 continues and its ramifications become more and more pronounced. It is really important to read this posting carefully and take it to heart. If you need to, refer to my previous writing on July 24th and the Facebook Live which I did that day. It is now on my YouTube channel, Miriam Belov. I did a deep dive into the benefits of mindful meditation and how it relates to self-care.

Today I am listing 5 other ways that you can do self-care. These will make you feel great. The connection between your mind, body, and spirit has been scientifically proven. It is crucial that you practice self-care and self-love. Doing this each day will reduce stress and the negative cortisol hormone. It can also lessen the possibilities of physical and mental diseases.
Concurrently, your positive endorphin hormones increase and you feel happier and more energized.

You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. This continuum is important to understand so that you can experience self-care and self-love on many levels. The more you include self-care time into your day, the more you stay healthy.

Here I am in my 70’s.

These 1st two tips relate to the mental-emotional benefits of self-care/love.

1. Be Your Own Best Friend

So often, we extend our love to others while we deny ourselves love. Reflect on how often you do this. Watch yourself when you bend over backwards to help another while you are bent out of shape. These words have meaning as they literally describe physical positions in which you are all twisted up.

Being kind to yourself is a huge basis for self-love. Give yourself the same support and nurturing you would give your best friend or a loved family member who is having a hard time. This takes practice but it is certainly worth it.

2. Develop Boundaries

Let go of always saying yes even if you want to say no. When you are in control, you have less stress. You need to exert your own power and defend your own space, both emotionally and physically.

You do not have to do that extra work for a project if it will be too much for you. Just explain that you need to have more time for yourself. You do not need to speak to that person if it is annoying at the moment. You can avoid overwhelm and annoyance by being honest and declaring what you need.

These next 3 tips relate to the physical benefits of self-care/love.

3. Exercise

You have heard this lots of times because it is true. Your body and soul are intimately connected and to release tension, you need to move. You need to move physically each and every day. Being inside, you may have to pivot some of your favorite things such as swimming or running. If you can go out safely, do these outdoors. You can also walk, do yoga, tai chi or any other at-home workouts that are available online.

4. Sleep well

Make sure you get enough sleep and sleep consistently. This has a direct influence on your physical and mental health. If you do not get enough hours of sleep, your productivity, mental and emotional balance, and energy during the day will lessen. Create a refuge for yourself in your bedroom. Make it peaceful and calm just for you. Luxuriate in being in it.

5. Be mindful when you eat

Savor your mealtime. Allow it to be a mindful meditation as you focus on what you are eating, ie: the textures, colors, nutrients of the food. Eat a balanced diet that is full of organic produce. See a rainbow in your vegetables. Be certain that even your eggs, meat, and fish come from the freshest and clean sources. You are what you eat. Eat healthy and be healthy.

Mama Shirley

The Importance of Compassion for Self-Care

This picture is of my maternal grandmother. She is looking at the camera with so much tenderness. Her own self-love and joy are overflowing into a compassionate gaze. Are you able to do this?

The action of compassion begins with your attitudes and treatments toward yourself. You have to be compassionate to yourself to truly show compassion to others. Once you start being self-aware, then you can become more aware of other people’s needs. As you can see, the idea that compassion only affects your actions toward other people is false.

Whenever you are going through a hard time, take extra time for self-care. Try not to push yourself but be understanding of your situation. Try to be non-judgmental. During this time, practice doing the activities that promote peace and calm in your own life.

These same actions are valid to show compassion to another. Be as supportive as you can without emptying your own well of self-love and energy.

2 Tips for Being Compassionate in Your Everyday Life

Kwan Yin, the goddess of Compassion

1. Be the Change

Being in control lessens stress. Focus on making positive changes in your own outlook and also towards others. Mindful meditation will help with your inner change. Volunteering for a cause you believe in will help with the outer change you want in your world. Change yourself first to show more kindness and compassion to everyone else.

2. Be Grateful

Keep a journal about gratitude. At the end of each day, write down 3 good things that happened, ie: emotions, a good deed, a successful creative endeavor. Express gratitude for anything that was positive for you. Give yourself praise for whatever you have done well which has led to your happiness.




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