Miriam smiling woman standing near a tree showing a bough of cherry blossoms

Welcome Spring

The vernal equinox has just occurred:
Equal light and darkness,
equal night and day.

It is a perfect opening for you to ground in your balance as I help you unearth your spirit and release its wisdoms in this very moment we are sharing.

I honor and bless you! Using Reiki Master symbols and other energy codes, I am clearing away old patterns and bringing positive ones into your auric field and body.

As I do this, please
Breathe out your fear
Breathe in your faith.

Do this again and again, going more deeply with your breath.

Continue to do this Breakthrough Breathing throughout the video.

In divine timing, the moment is now.
Spring:  with all its rejuvenation!

Great bodhisattvas are incarnating
As cuddly babies,
Bringing to the earth blessed insights
And brave intentions.

May the messianic age vibrate victoriously.

close up of cherry blossomsMay you be fortunate enough to gaze upon the cherry blossoms while forest bathing this spring.

They are the smile of beauty, for Nature is happy to be beautiful!

Led on by an imperious force I left the high way, wide and known, to
Ramble in the thickets of the underbrush unknown.

Once in awhile a beautiful white dove would escape skyward impelling me onward.

What of your journey to now?
In the here and now?
Are you allowing yourself to fly and be seen?

Can you now have golden memories of your ancestors create the high ways for your descendants?!

Please think of something happy your grandparents shared with you.

Not their traumas but rather their glimmering achievements that flow through your veins.

This centering allows you to cocreate at this auspicious moment as the stars align in forward motion meeting the supramental light descending from above and releasing from below

Using these galactic and evolutionary forces, Illuminate the future of your own making:

Bringing in more:

You expand as a channel of CALM
Unconditional love

We fear no evil for Thou art
with us as are
Athena and Krishna!

We can only succeed!!


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