Earth Month in a Leap Year

Happy Earth Month! Each year, as April rolls around, we celebrate it. But now we realize more and more how our Earth is so precious and sadly, under extreme pressure!

You can see the effects. Some global events which have recently occurred are volcanic eruptions in Iceland, flooding in Dubai, and earthquakes in New Jersey!

Each of us needs to take inspired action and take a big leap forward to help! Earth Month is every month now and Earth Day needs to be every day. The action can be concrete such as recycling, solar panels, and planting trees. It can also be an intentional meditation as the one in “Embracing Earth.”

Embracing Earth

Forest Bathing is a Japanese concept that has spread worldwide. It involves being in nature while experiencing it through your senses. This allows for real ecotherapy, as you are totally mindful of the sensual pleasures of your environment.

Just a few weeks ago, I participated in a beautiful afternoon at the Nakashima complex in New Hope, Pa.  The Nakashima Foundation for Peace celebrated the memory of Mira’s family: her father, mother and brother. It also celebrated the beautiful cherry blossoms and the nature of spring. The attendees were able to experience Forest Bathing at this US National Historic Landmark!

During the previous week, Mira and her husband, Jon, were at the White House’s State Dinner for the Japanese Prime Minister and his spouse. She had been asked by our government to create a gift for him from the people of the US. In a very short time Mira and her staff were able to craft an elegant table.

Nature is happy to be beautiful.

Use Embracing Earth to ensure that the beauty of nature will always be here!

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