Glimmering Gratitudes

The holiday season is upon us. Beginning with Thanksgiving and then all the following festivities, you are busy with the many preparations.  Planning fun gatherings for family and friends, considering which traditional rituals to continue, and decorating your home with creative seasonal touches may be at the top of your list. You can just smell the pumpkin pie.

At the same time, this November has been one of intense challenge, shock, and disbelief at the regressive actions still taking place across the globe – and perhaps in your own life. But it is crucial not to give into the darkness of war, duplicity, and hatred.

I know this is hard. I, myself, have been affected by the aggression in the Middle East during my own birthday month!  These ramifications are personal and planetary. But I have been experiencing glimmers and have found refuge.

A glimmer is simply a moment that brings you joy and relaxation.  It can be the smell of your favorite tea, the sunlight on the yellow leaves turning them golden, the smile of a loved one.

Find them in your daily life.  Stop, breathe, and acknowledge the joy they bring you. Be grateful. Be open and receive.

Feel gratitude radiate from your heart throughout your body for this interlude. Be still. Be filled with glimmering gratitude!

The more you focus on your glimmers, the more they multiply. The universe supports your focus and emotional frequency. It matches it in kind.  This thread of glimmers will enliven your energy, get your endorphins going, and uplevel your consciousness. It makes you happy.

As you become more aware of your glimmers, they will manifest more frequently. This makes you feel so good that you can reach out from a place of strength to be of service.

I am happy to aid you in identifying your glimmers and embedding them in your awareness.

1. As the soul ambassador, I help you unearth your spirit and release its wisdom.
2. Using my bespoke skills, I am comfortable working with subtle energies and recognizing your unique patterns.
3. We shall identify what people, emotions, and work you need to release and the new ones you need to bring into your life.
4. My teaching you Intentional Meditation empowers you.
5. If you like, we can explore a past life that will help you resolve a situation in this one. 

It is essential to give thanks for all the good, peace, and love in your life. In doing so, you spread the light which dissipates the darkness.

Diwali is a Hindu holiday celebrating this action: the victory of light. Our world can certainly use more light now! In fact, it is being observed at this very moment and honors many goddesses. This one is Lakshmi, the goddess of harmony, love, and abundance. Isn’t she lovely?!

My gift to you during the months of November and December is special pricing when you schedule a private healing session that includes meditation techniques for you – or someone you love – to learn. I also do past life readings which are especially insightful at this time.  You can contact me through my website.  Just fill out the contact form. I wholeheartedly look forward to being of service to you during this challenging time.

As a certified Reiki Master Teacher, my psychic energy work moves clients from dis-ease to integral health and from fear to success. I create positive change through my intuitive techniques and curated strategies that transform lives.

Synthesizing the best of global wisdoms and the newest scientific research, I founded The Wellness Agenda, a platform for self-care in the 21st century using mind body spirit tools. I am the ‘Keep Calm’ Mentor: a pioneering expert who now – after 50 years of work – is a global visionary. As a #1 international best-selling author, Reiki Master Healer Teacher, consultant, speaker, intuitive, and media producer, I help countless people by being on US media to teaching in Auroville, India, and lecturing at the United Nations headquarters in NYC.

With a dual Masters from Brown University, I create bespoke wellness programs for many organizations, most notably the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the US Dept. of Labor, the Estee Lauder Companies, and Shiseido. I appear on TV and social media channels and was on WOR 710AM iHeart radio, NYC’s #1 news and talk station, as a wellness advocate.

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