Happy Mother’s Day/May She save us all

You probably are a bit puzzled by this title.  Allow me to explain. It refers to: the personal mother/ the universal feminine force. The image on the left is me as a mother. The other is Bhuvaneswari, the Hindu Earth Mother.

You mother many people, be they your biological family or chosen loved ones.  You protect, guide, teach. If your own mother or those who have helped you on your path are still alive, how fortunate you are. Celebrate them!

Many of my clients are women who have children, be they working in or out of the houseboat. Sharing with them my tools to achieve a quiet ease, they are able to achieve their goals in clarity and joy.

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Given a chance, the universal feminine force also protects, guides, teaches – in this poise often the collective. Her picture as the Hindu goddess, Bhuvaneshwari, depicts her with many arms to do her multitude of tasks as she protects all.

Even now, she is leading into “the future is female” if we’re lucky. Our traits of compassion, nurturing, and intuitive wisdom create a supportive environment where situations can be resolved with kindness rather than brute force.

A concrete example of this is described in this article from my blog from 2014. I was at a meeting of the United Nations’ Women’s International Forum where the female Ambassadors who sit in the Security Council spoke. It was very lively and heartfelt as they described their experiences in negotiations. As you might surmise, many of their takeaways support my conclusions!

You know we are living in challenging – though evolutionary – times. Embrace those you admire so we can all expand our vibrations in love. This movement includes yourself. I sincerely hope my gifts can uplevel you!








Happy Mother’s Day in all its manifestations!

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As a certified Reiki Master Teacher, my psychic energy work moves clients from dis-ease to integral health and from fear to success. I create positive change through my intuitive techniques and curated strategies that transform lives.

Synthesizing the best of global wisdoms and the newest scientific research, I founded The Wellness Agenda, a platform for self-care in the 21st century using mind body spirit tools. I am the ‘Keep Calm’ Mentor: a pioneering expert who now – after 50 years of work – is a global visionary. As a #1 international best-selling author, Reiki Master Healer Teacher, consultant, speaker, intuitive, and media producer, I help countless people by being on US media to teaching in Auroville, India, and lecturing at the United Nations headquarters in NYC.

With a dual Masters from Brown University, I create bespoke wellness programs for many organizations, most notably the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the US Dept. of Labor, the Estee Lauder Companies, and Shiseido. I appear on TV and social media channels and was on WOR 710AM iHeart radio, NYC’s #1 news and talk station, as a wellness advocate.

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