You, Cleo and Mat

Celebrating my grandniece’s birth with joy and wonder. In this picture, my daughter is holding Cleo as her mother glows.

Privileged to witness my brother’s daughter become a mother. Rachel and her husband, John, were ecstatic to announce Rachel’s pregnancy.  As her belly grew, she shone, and all of us were inspired by her light.

It is a great experience to be part of a pregnancy and help whenever possible. These nine months in the womb are crucial for the physical and spiritual development of this new human being. I gently made some suggestions along the way.

This week also marks the anniversary of my father’s passing. Mathew of blessed memory said he wanted to live until he was 80 and that’s exactly what he did, going to the other side in 1996 in his 80th year.

Cleo has just come from the light. My father returned to the light. Between these two rivers of light, each of us lives a life. If you are clear and blessed, your life is an expression of your soul’s purpose.

Allow me to help you uncover your own soul’s purpose.    

You can explore past lives to learn
1. how they affect you in this one
2. the karma they bring
3. the resolution to current questions

You can uncover your own wisdoms which lead you forward into
1. your clearest expression
2. your highest destiny
3. living your best life

I am at the ready with an open heart to serve you in this journey. The exploration is filled with wonder and awe.

Do hope you are ready to shed your fears and confusions to stand naked in your light: proud and powerful!

I wrote the following poems, though several years apart.


She slid through the rainbow bridge
Drawn by her parents’ love.

We know she is brave,
Brave to manifest at this time/
The juncture where the past is dissolving
And a new world is birthing.

Her other attributes will proclaim themselves later.

As angels came with her birthing,
We all gather to praise her.

Named for her father’s mother
(Or is it truly for the great queen Cleopatra of sovereign power, knowledge, and imperial might)
With love for her mother’s grandfather.

May she grow in peace and happiness
Bringing with her all her holy powers.


Dearest Father,
May our prayers give flight to your soul
In its upward journey.
May those who passed on before you
Bless your spirit towards them.

As you glide in peace, towards peace
Your parting is a holocaust for us
But we find solace in its grace.

For it was a good day to die for you.
Surrounded by our love
You left us in a gentle parting.
No pain. No suffering.
Just a calm sleep.

Your holy life earned you
This holy release/this ultimate blessing.
As passionate as your wife’s embrace,
As tender as your grandchildren’s smile,
As compassionate as your children’s touch.

In every act of goodness,
In the glow of each candle’s light,
In every scene of beauty,
In all that is good and wise and true
We see you

Reborn forever
In our hearts

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