The 1st day of autumn

The 1st day of autumn has arrived. It is filled with the warmth of the sun and yet, there is a slight hint of the new season for the day is shorter. The fruits of summer are now on the vine, about to be picked and savored.

What does autumn mean to you: a quickening of the pulse, goals becoming clearer? Action is now taken when the air is a bit crisper.

Itlambs is all good but the images of green hills and early fall green gardens still dance in my head. So please allow me to share them with you.

Visiting my sister who lives near Millbrook, NY, sheep greeted us along winding country roads while the cows just kept on chewing as the moved towards their barn. Her garden is in full flower with a butterfly enjoying a resting place.

Miriam-and-MaddyCloser to home is Greenwood Gardens, a magical place. Maddye and I spent some special time there and here we are, along with 2 very short clips on my Youtube channel.

At my home, I was in awe of the rose of sharon which encircled the house. Their seeds were brought from Maine decades ago and they have done exceptionally well in New rose-of-sharonJersey soil. This summer they grew 3 stories high to almost the top of the house! By merely looking out the kitchen or dining room windows, I saw their purple and white blossoms each day. Towards the end of the season, they were even outside the bedrooms.

orchidsThis white orchid filled the inside of the house with its glory which lasted for over 2 months in full bloom.

How sacred every moment is if we only step back and allow its inherent divine quality to come forth.

From a sultry summer to an awesome autumn, keep calm as you continue on your path of beauty.

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