February is the auspicious month of love

happyvalintinesdayFebruary is the auspicious month of love:
both red & golden.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day on the 14th as we send love to all those who touch our lives.

From human love to Divine love, we are surrounded by Love.  For this February is also special since it is a Leap Year and has the 29th day, the Golden Day.


We shall be able to commemorate the 60th anniversary of when The Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram experienced the Supramental Descent, a new level of consciousness manifesting on the Earth, on February 29, 1956.

Here is your invitation for this commemoration:


A Peace Meditation

in the 



The Supramental

25 February 2016, Thursday    5pm

Nakashima Sacred Peace Table  

Unity Pavilion    Hall of Peace   

Auroville       south India

Everyone is welcome. 

You can join us in this global aspiration

even if you are miles away.

Just go deeply within.

Inauguration  2014 Hall of Peace Auroville
The Mother’s photo taken in 1906

I shall be reciting the following meditation to begin the gathering around the Nakashima Sacred Peace Table in Auroville for Asia. Auroville is the international township recognized by UNESCO and the recipient of many awards, especially in environmental sustainability.   The prayer starts after The Mother’s photo, taken in 1906.

There will be gatherings around the consecrated Altar at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC for North America at 6:30am and the Sacred Peace Table at The Russian Academy of Arts in  Moscow for Europe at 3:30pm.

You can join in anytime during the 25th to connect to this Supramental Energy.

Mira Richard, the Parisienne, who became the head or The Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram explained to those who were with her in the Ashram’s playground on February 29, 1956: “…Then the supramental Light and Force and Consciousness rushed down upon earth in an uninterrupted flow.” 

heart-with-heartsPlease see the powerful flow of Supramental Light and Force and Consciousness that The Mother described flowing from the heart of each cell of your body, illuminating your soul, filling your whole being here and now in 2016. Matrimandir-1Allow this Supramental Light to flow in a clockwise direction to the other people in the Hall.

See The Matrimandir, the soul of Auroville, collaborating with us.

Please make larger circles, embracing all of Auroville and the Ashram. wordwithheartsandribbonsThis Supramental Force is now encircling the globe bathing all sentient beings, all of Nature.goldenleaveand-trees Elephants, ladybugs, dolphins and eagles. The iced peaks of Everest, the rainforests of the Amazon, the Grand Canyon, the islands of Hawaii, the Danube river.

We pray for Peace – both planetary and in each of our bodies – and for the Divine grace to stop the ecocide and rejuvenate the environment.2011_02_01_news_mutation_transform_english_1

Pure water/clean air, blue sky/green grass, rich soil, vibrant health and strength flooding everyone, every species so precious to the ecological web. See this Golden Consciousness flowing around and through our fragile globe, Mother Earth, as Matter and Spirit unite,

Evolving by the Supramental Light, Peace and Love.

shriarobinda bookIf you are so touched, repeat this again on February 29th,
the Golden Day of the Supramental Descent.


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