2016 is An Auspicious Year

The photo above was taken while touring the United Nation’s art collection with Mrs. Ban and visiting her spouse in his private office.  I was humbled to be included and am standing next to her.

The Secretary General was in between his two trips to Paris to push the climate accord forward.  The  COP21 is a planetary agreement for all countries recognize the need.  It is historic in its scope.
[one_third]Continuing your Walk in Beauty, acknowledge each step as a prayer of balance for Mother Earth as she goes through her changes.  These cherry blossoms are beautiful but they bloomed –outside – in the winter in the northeast of America!

[/one_third][one_third] A rainbow is always a sign of blessing.  Honor life and know that even the smallest action can have huge ramifications.  Act locally, think globally.[/one_third][one_third_last]With a smile on your face and laughter in your heart, move with courage and elegance into 2016.[/one_third_last]

Allow your aspiration for Light, Peace and Love to help in the evolution of all beings, our ecosystems and climate.


We all can sense the vast changes that surround us, both in our personal lives and on a planetary scale.  This flux is speeding by at an ever faster rate. The weather is extreme, people are expressing themselves in extreme and often strange ways. supermanandwomenTechnology is affecting our mental thinking and social interactions.

But do remember that you have chosen to be here now – at this time and in this place.  You are strong, brave and good.

It is also vital for each of us to create a central column of peaceful light within the body mind spirit continuum.

As Sri Aurobindo says in his Essays Divine and Human:

Cease inwardly from thought and word, be motionless within you, look upward into the light and outward into the vast cosmic consciousness that is around you. Be more and more one with the brightness and the vastness. Then will Truth dawn on you from above and flow in on you from all around you.”

Begin to practice the above technique in preparation for a global event to be held on February 25th.  It will be in honor of this auspicious 2016 and the Golden Day of February 29th.  More about it in my February blog.

Cheers and Be Joyous**

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