Earth Day is Every Day Now

Earth Day is Every Day Now!

Official Earth Day is April 22nd but as we all can agree, we need to make earth day every day now! Arctic ice is melting and forcing cold air south. After the tumultuous winter in the northeast of America due to 4 nor’easters and everywhere else around the globe having extreme weather, we need positive responses and some ecotherapy.

Environmental stress has been added to the three other main stressors of personal, professional and technological. We all need some real solutions as we help the climate to stabilize.

Ecotherapy, nature or green therapy, is the connection with the earth and its systems which leads to better physical and mental health. Balancing with nature you can find equilibrium for yourself and spirit.

It includes your intimate connection to nature as you relate to your own healing and rejuvenating the climate. You need to know how to experience ecotherapy so that you can be rejuvenated by the energies of nature. Ecological health and mental health are combined in ecotherapy.











Here are 5 solutions for you. The specific tools for them are on my website.

*Meditate with Breakthrough Breathing

*Use the color green to relax and restore both yourself and the planet

*Be outside in nature with mindfulness

*Have 7 generations’ awareness

*Be environmentally sustainable by:
recycling, taking vacations locally without flying, using cloth bags, biking or walking when possible, no plastic straws

A final and very effective solution with the tools built into it is my audio, Embracing Earth.

Enjoy a preview of several tracks below. You can purchase the album here also.


The journey in creating this audio began with my participation in the 1st Earth Day in 1970. I was aware of the fragility of our climate then but never thought that I would be seeing such extreme weather in my own lifetime. Sadly, the accelerated effect of various components, especially by our own species, has created unprecedented events.

We can easily see these in the brutal hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria during the hurricane season of 2017. Also during the same summer, there was record breaking heat in western Europe and the northwest of America. The global experiences of fracking-induced earthquakes in the US midwest plus the melting of the ice sheet of Greenland as well as the tsunamis of southeast Asia also happened. And we globally experienced the winter of 2018.  These all add up to the results that we are now living: radical shifts in nature.

You need to step up and do your part. Whatever it is: small or large, personal or planetary. The time is now.

I deeply believe that “Embracing Earth” can help you and our Mother Earth now.

May it be so. Amen

“I have set my rainbow in the cloud. It shall be for a token of a covenant between Me and the earth.”
Genesis ix:12

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