A Global Concentration to Revitalize You and The Earth on 21st February 2020


As we gather on the 21st–in NYC @ 6:30 am, Auroville @ 5 pm, and Moscow @ 2:30 pm–be happy.

It is the birthday of a remarkable woman: Mirra Richard, a Parisienne, born in 1878 and passed at the age of 95.

Known for her spiritual wisdom, she led the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in India and forged a new path in our collective evolution.

Please breathe out your distractions.
Pull your abdominals towards your spinal column and breathe out any fear.
Now breathe in the golden light of grace with a full solar plexus.
Gratefully open your mind and body as you become a vessel of transformation.
Do this two more times.
Feel grounded and secure.

From wherever you are in the world, please visualize this glowing force flowing from your heart space to New York City.

There resides the Nakashima Altar for Peace for North America in the ecumenical Cathedral of St. John the Divine. George Nakashima, the internationally renown master craftsman, was inspired to create this majestic work of art in 1986 when he came upon an extraordinary American black walnut tree. This photo is of Nakashima admiring the finished Altar in his studio prior to it being consecrated at the Cathedral.

There it served as the beautiful centerpiece of the inaugural New Year’s Eve Concert for Peace. People of all faiths continue to gather in reverent contemplation.

Also, see in your mind’s eye the United Nations’ headquarters on the East River. The fragrant rose garden grows between the river and the buildings.  Nature and human aspiration unite here to help our planet.  Make a circle of light around this complex.

Now your glowing love shall burst onto the rest of the globe:

Extending to Canada, throughout the western US, down to South America and the rainforests, and Antarctica.
Across the Pacific Ocean and up to Australia, Japan, China and the rest of Asia.

Hover over those areas which have been devastated by disease and the climate crisis of rain, wind, and fire.
Tenderly send rejuvenation.

In south India, we gather around the sacred Nakashima Peace Table for South Asia in Auroville, the international city recognized by UNESCO and honored by many ecological and educational leaders, which was founded by Mirra Richard.

Housed in the Hall of Peace in the Unity Pavillion in 2014, it radiates a force of meditative beauty. It is often covered with tropical flowers of hibiscus, lotus, bougainvillea, and cat’s claw which respectively signify power, divine consciousness, protection, and supramental influence.  The chairs that surround it were inspired by the Nakashima installation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Japanese Galleries.

Your loving intention flows onto the Middle East, arriving north in Moscow and the Nakashima Peace Table for All Europe at the Russian Academy of Arts. Nakashima was inspired by other expatriates in Paris in the 1920s, particularly a Russian poet who became his friend. Placing a Peace Table in Russia was very important for Nakashima.

This second Peace Table was central to celebrating the UN’s 50th anniversary in NYC at The Cathedral. Then, along its journey to Moscow, it became a focal point at The Hague Appeal for Peace conference, visited by thousands from around the world expressing their wishes for a world at peace.  The featured photo at the beginning of the concentration clearly illustrates this. It was received by the Academy with open arms in 2001 – with stirring remarks of welcome, a cappella song and flower blossoms. Chairs created by President Tsereteli surround the Table reflecting unity with Nakashima’s style.

Continue westward across Europe, Africa and the Atlantic Ocean as you shower blessings.

Now that you have circled the globe, please focus deeply again on your breath. Be aware that you have especially illuminated the three inspired Nakashima creations.

All of them have been hewn from the one magnificent American black walnut tree: uniting humanity and nature in a planetary invocation for peace.

Today you are a part of Global Connections IV.

Paul Winter at the Altar in the Cathedral








Sacred Peace Table in Auroville







UN Anniversary/Sacred Peace Table for All Europe













Know that these three sites have long been a gathering point for concentrations, inspirational readings, music, and gifts of flowers.

Allow your golden light to melt with the palpable aspiration that permeates them.

Know also that in 2020 you are empowered by a special supramental energy of this leap year.

With sincere intention bathe the planet in the power of climate resilience and rebirth.
Purify the land, waters, and air.  Calm all sentient beings with balance.

The Earth is grateful for your concentration.
She is rejuvenated – as you are also.





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