Miriam Belov with autumn flowers

The Autumn Equinox/A Balancing Meditation

The Autumn Equinox is a time of nature’s balance of light and dark, day and night. It is an opportunity for you to use this energy for your own balancing. This is especially important, for as you can see, there is chaos and change everywhere.

As a Reiki Master Teacher, I have empowered this meditation with transforming attunements to support you.

As you receive these transmissions of light, allow them to flow through all the cells of your body, cleansing them and baptizing them into a higher vibration of health.

Be still. As still as possible.

Savor receiving these waves of higher consciousness as they help you evolve.

This is the moment to recalibrate all aspects of your being into a coherent whole, making an integrated being.

You may wish to feel this affirmation as you say it aloud:
“I am balancing with Nature’s wise rhythm!”

You are also seeing the effects of the climate crisis everywhere.  From the flooding in western Alaska to Pakistan, the extreme heat in Europe and America’s southwest.

Nature Geoscience reported the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica melting at twice the expected rate. Its collapse could cause global sea levels to rise by 3 to 10 feet. Severe flooding in low-lying areas and coastal regions submerging worldwide will then occur.

The moment is now to take action:

  1. Internally connect with your eternal calm.
  2. Recognize your heart center and its power.
  3. Root into the Earth as you balance your being.

The autumn equinox meditation ended with
“Embracing your matter, your earth,
As you are embracing your planet Earth.”

You can accelerate your own inner awareness and be a part of nature by also listening to “Embracing Earth,” a meditation to revitalize you and your planet. It is easy to download, only 20 minutes long with original music.

You can click on the Embracing Earth image to go directly to the meditation.

Do what you can. The choice is yours.  Be aware of how your daily activities and emotions affect your health, attitude, and well-being.  Create your world from the inside out.

Manifest your aspirations as you collaborate with nature and her miracles.

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