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This autumn I am giving you a revitalizing gift: the SAIEN network and a series of courses and experiences that begin on October 22, 2022, and go through January 27, 2023. You still have time to register and take advantage of this opportunity to help yourself cope with any anxiety, fear, or disease in your life.  If you participate, you will be able to easily harmonize your life with your inner aspiration.

Yoga means to yoke, to create a union.  You may be most familiar with hatha yoga, the physical exercises that have become a part of our culture.  Now you can explore other forms of study to create a life of deeper insight and greater outlook.  The faculty is international with excellent credentials. There are 29 courses and enrichment programs. Some are about personal growth while others deal with business, organizations, and political theory.

On 11/11, 10 am NYC time, I shall be holding an experiential gathering: A Healing Meditation in Their Light.   Click the image below to watch the video. You’ll find the registration link below.

Healings and transmissions of energy will come through.


  • Breakthrough Breathing
  • Intentional Focusing/Concentration
  • Widening of the Consciousness
  • Opening to a Higher Grace
  • Deeper Physical and Spiritual Aspiration
  • Harmonization of the Being

Click here to register for A Healing in Their Light.

As a certified Reiki Master Teacher and born intuitive, I have been helping countless people with bespoke healing sessions for 50 years.   My services can be found here.

This is a global initiative to share the insights of Mira Richard and Sri Aurobindo and help you and our world during these very challenging times.   Mira was a Parisian Jewess who collaborated with Sri Aurobindo, the Indian sage. She was given the honorific title of The Mother due to her innate wisdom. Together they created the Integral Yoga, a defining philosophy in the evolution of consciousness.

Sri Aurobindo









Below are the links to explore the curriculum and create a course of study for yourself over the next months that will elevate your life here and now. Some are intellectual courses, while others are experiential. There is something for everyone in the SAIEN.

Take this journey of self-perfection. Have fun, learn and flourish.

ALIY Overview video

  1. ALIY Introduction video
  2. Course-wise / Experience-wise Faculty videos
  3. Video brochures

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