United Nations International Bazaar

Mrs. Ban Soon-Taek, spouse of the United Nations Secretary General, invited her “dear friends” to participate in the 1st “United Nations International Bazaar”. Although this was sent out in February, she made a good choice of May 20th for it was a beautiful spring Tuesday. The event was held in the Rose Garden outside the UN Secretariat Building.

As she said, “One of the greatest benefits of our work here at the United Nations is the fact that 193 Member States are premised at one location. This grants us the opportunity to share our different and unique cultures and traditions; and form friendships and connections with one another.”

Indeed, the picture shows friendships crossing various boundaries: on the left is Ranju Bantra originally from India and living in NYC for decades.  She is on the United Nations Delegations Women’s Club board.  Then there is Mrs. Ban Soon-Taek, the grand initiator of the event. She is originally from Korea and has lived and visited many countries in our world.   Next to her is Elizabeth Brown, originally from Barbados and also living in  NYC for decades.  She is on many boards, including the Hospitality Committee for UN Delegations.  I am on the far right, originally from New Jersey and having lived in NYC for decades while visiting England, India, Israel and Morocco.  I am a member of the UNDWC, Women’s International Form and  UN Women for Peace.

Being a member of several U.N.women’s organizations, I was able to participate. I was especially happy to since the proceeds from the Bazaar were given to the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) of the United Nations, as well as Children’s projects around the world.

By a series of synchronistic meetings, I had the opportunity to ask Tiffany’s to donate a piece of jewelry which the store kindly did. The bracelet was a valued addition to the raffle. Unbeknownst to me, I was then place in the list of “Donors and Contributors” which surprised me since I certainly was not expecting any recognition for my heartfelt efforts.

The global array of food, clothing, music and languages made the day a wonderful coming together in the Rose Garden.

Everyone was congenial and happy to be with one another.

Laughter was everywhere.

Peace was in the air.

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