Thanksgiving/Gratitude/Giving thanks

What wonderful emotions! And here we are now in the midst of this vibration in mid-November. This very high and most precious of vibrations.

Take full advantage of it. Each and every day make a list of 5 people, experiences, aspirations that you are grateful for. Your best friend, seeing the golden leaves of autumn, more moments of self care.

image004Last spring I asked my mother what she most enjoyed in her life. She immediately answered, “Everything” with such intensity I shall never forget it. Everything: each and every moment of life is precious and to be savored. Yes, mother Kate!

Giving thanks for everything. Just to be alive, with memories of the past, plans for the future, in the here and now which stretches on eternally.

Remember, you chose to be here in this incarnation. You are spiritual being having a physical experience.

Fill yourself with that realization. Breathe it in throughout your whole body. Now fill yourself with gratitude. Breathe it in throughout your whole body mind spirit.
Be grateful for everything for all is a learning and a growth.

As gratitude arises from a prayer deep in your heart, raise your voice in giving thanks this Thanksgiving.

Praise All!

I would like to offer a special meditation on Thanksgiving:

Let us create a sacred time and space by our collective aspiration and offering on the occasion of the harvest and its abundance.
Let us give thanks by helping our sweet planet and each other through light and love.
Visualize Mother Earth being healed throughout her whole body.
Allow a sense of gratitude & thanksgiving fill your heart and emanate from your soul.
Allow this to permeate the very cells of your body.

Let us join together in this intention at noon, east coast time, for ten minutes.
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