Nakashima Sacred Peace Table Dedication

Nakashima Sacred Peace Table
for the Peoples of Asia Dedication
& The Inauguration of the Hall of Peace
in the Unity Pavilion:

This was a beautiful and creative event which took place in Auroville on February 11th. People from the community were joined by diplomats from Delhi and participants from the United States. Infact the audience overflowed from the Hall of Peace into the surrounding gardens.
To see the whole event on youtube:  click here  
The following is the blessing I did, as a board member of the Nakashima Foundation for Peace, at the beginning of the event.

Let us breathe out any remaining distractions.

Let us breathe in the beauty, peace and unity that are permeating the Hall.

Rest into this moment.

As The Mother has said,

“Feel the Peace, Live The Peace, Know the Peace, The Peace, The Peace.”

Concentrate with this vibration,

as you breathe in and out with the golden light.

Now BE the Peace

as your psychic being expands throughout your body to spread

Peace into your very cellular consciousness.

Nakashima felt that each Sacred Peace Table would  “be a symbol, a token of man’s aspirations for a creative and beautiful peace”  As this one is here in Auroville, as the others are in NYC and Moscow.

Send the golden light of Peace in a clockwise direction around the Earth to connect the Sacred Tables and radiate out to

all peoples, birds and the sky, horses running wild, fish and the waters,

the forests of old growth trees, big cats stalking the savannahs, fields of flowers…

For  Sri Aurobindo says in “Savitri”

…  Thrilled with the hidden Transcendent’s joy and peace. There was no more division’s endless scroll; One grew the Spirit’s secret unity, …

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