Making Your Holiday Magic

Is making holiday magic too much for you? I certainly know this feeling. I host so many gatherings in the previous months that by the time December is here, it is no longer fun. I am grateful to be able to do this and have a loving family but it certainly is a lot to do.  I no longer feel like creating the magic of the holidays for anyone, including myself!

As a daughter who took care of her mother, as a mother to my teen-aged daughter and a wife to my husband, I was constantly giving without being able to refill my own energy well.  And that does not take into account our extended family of siblings and their children who would come to our home.

The emotional labor of doing everything to create the perfect celebration took its toll. Shopping, wrapping, cooking, cleaning, organizing schedules and still trying to focus on my professional work.  It never seems to end while the true spirit of the season remains just out of reach.

I had to step back and prioritize what was truly important to me as winter approached.  Fortunately I have the practice to do this, honed over years.  But I was amazed at how easily it can spin out of control. Here are 3 tools that I use and you can also:






1. Spreading the Light

Share activities.  Delegate various projects. It’s more fun this way.
Buy gifts that include you and your friend.

2. Gifting Yourself

Stay centered by doing a meditation technique each day.
Allow the spirit of the holiday to truly resonate through you.

3. Creating A Ritual

Connect in your unique way bringing in beauty and grace. Use fragrance and color.
Express your love and appreciation through a special experience or prayer.


The perfect Holiday gift to create magic with is easily accessible to give to a loved one or yourself: “Embracing Earth”, a 20 minute audio meditation with music. You will revitalize yourself and our planet while intimately feeling your own connection with nature.

Listening to “Embracing Earth” will allow you to relax during the Holidays and spread peace and goodwill to all – including all species and our environment.  It is the ideal antidote to the frantic pace now around us.  Take refuge in nature and yourself.

To purchase this download, just click on the photo below.










As we approach the shortest day and the longest night, please remember that in the midst of the darkness the light glows brightly. Mother Nature’s rhythm allows you to connect deeply with your own inner illumination. When we add light and dark, a new rebirth occurs that can truly express your aspiration. May you have peace during this time of the year.

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