April = Earth Month

Yes, it’s Earth Month. By now, you know how crucial it is to be aware of your old routines and change them into new ones that support sustainable living from the local to the global scale.

Last autumn the United Nations’  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a study which gives us 20 years to reverse emission of greenhouse gases. In order to prevent the destruction of coral reefs, marine wildlife, flooding coastal cities and also inland areas by intense rain, and droughts disrupting food sources, you need to help change the situation.

On the upside, it is really a good sign that there are now stainless steel straws replacing paper ones and laws banning single-use plastic bags are proliferating from towns to states. India has had this in law for years. Cloth bags are easy to carry and do the job!

When did you start to be aware and then proactive?  Every little act counts from recycling the plastic containers you get to bringing your own to the market. How about even using glass bottles?! Please share some of your actions with me.

Here are 5 solutions for you. The specific tools for them are on my website.

*Meditate with Breakthrough Breathing

*Use the color green to relax and restore both yourself and the planet

*Be outside in nature with mindfulness

*Have 7 generations’ awareness

*Be environmentally sustainable by:
recycling, taking vacations locally without flying, using cloth bags, biking or walking when possible, no plastic    straws

A final and very effective solution with the tools built into it is my audio, Embracing Earth.

Enjoy a preview of several tracks below. You can purchase the album here also.

So many people are being affected by climate change that a psychiatrist suggested renaming it climate instability. You know what that means. One day it is freezing and the next it is in the upper 60s. It is affecting you personally with concerns for your family and its welfare to friends in California and the wildfires that spread seemingly instantly catching people in their homes and on the highways as they fled. 

These radical shifts in nature are causing you stress and anxiety. Embracing Earth helps you relax and rejuvenate.

You need to step up and do your part. You will feel much better about being proactive and involved! Whatever it is: small or large, personal or planetary. The time is now.

I have been involved beginning with the 1st Earth Day in 1970. Since then I have been teaching about ecology and meditation to the diplomatic corps of the United Nations to gardens’ members in New Jersey, the garden state, to residents of the international city of Auroville in south India. Embracing Earth is an expression of over 35 years of global work so that You can easily be part of the solution – anywhere and anytime. It is only 20 minutes long but filled with powerful intentional meditations and music.

I believe that Embracing Earth can help you and our Mother Earth now.

Embrace your own Earth and Shine On.

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