The Video: Spring Forward


So glad you can join me here.  Please enjoy this video as I go through various exercises and meditations to align you with the Vernal Equinox of 2021 and the possibilities you wish to achieve.  You will be able to see it on March 20th at 6:30 pm EDT. Look for the video titled Spring Forward on my YouTube channel. Please become a subscriber.

March is a magical month, combining the last vestiges of winter with snow on the ground and the budding of multicolored crocus heralding spring.  Viola, the spring equinox on the 20th: a time of balance and equipoise.

Beyond all the chaos of social, environmental, and political arenas is the quiet of nature, confidently moving through her cycles. How fortunate you are to take advantage of her rhythm and find balance in yourself by her example.

Indeed it is greatly welcomed, especially after the past year of COVID-19 and its global plague that has affected every aspect of your life from the most personal to the planetary.  It has been a challenging year and the turmoil is still continuing although there does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel regarding the containment of the pandemic – just as spring is right around the corner.

So give a big exhale and then inhale with all your being the possibilities that abound.

It is also Women’s History Month with the 8th being International Women’s Day.  This day showed the movement of a possibility into a reality with an outpouring of empowering social media and events.  More women are doing more amazing things in the realms of community work, governmental involvement, and a plethora of organizations and businesses started by women.

The future is female and it is materializing everywhere all over the globe.  Girls are getting involved at a young age to help others and be role models.  Older women are mentors and icons who pave the way for others to follow.  You stand on the shoulders of your ancestors and courageous females.  And your example will uplift your descendants.

How fitting that nature’s moment of balance and renewal is also in March! As we know and feel, nature is female – regenerating life and its web.  The barrenness of winter hid within it the sap of new foliage. You can see buds starting to form on the branches and early spring flowers arising from the ground. It is as if nature is releasing her feminine power just as we females are truly giving voice to our stories.

You, also, are experiencing this rebirth after a cold and lonely winter.  Socially distanced from many loved ones and taking precautions not to catch the deadly virus, you often stayed locked away from the human connectedness that we desperately need and thrive on.

Trusting the work you have done over the past months to clarify how you want to live post Covid19, please reflect on 3 intentions that you wish to fulfill in the coming year.  They can be:

1. How you relate to others

2. Seriously writing in a gratitude journal,

3. Starting an organization that exemplifies your priorities or joining one that does.

4. Eating less meat to help the climate crisis and your own body.

5. Working out with a program that inspires you.

You still have to be careful but can start to see friends, feel the sun’s glowing warmth on your skin, and luxuriate in the arriving season of spring.



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