2015 = Green & Beauty

This New Year greeting is filled with images to inspire
You as you walk in beauty in 2015.

Regardless of where you were born and which lineage you are descended from,
beauty speaks to you.  It clearly manifests in the world of physical form.
As Sri Aurobindo says, “Beauty is the special divine manifestation
in the physical as Truth is in the mind. Love in the heart.  Power in the vital.
Supra-mental beauty is the highest divine beauty manifesting in Matter.”
The above is by Mira Nakashima,
the gifted woodworker who continues the legacy of her father, George Nakashima.
May these angel wings, as I see the form, ennoble you to uplift
into works of gratitude and goodness as your own light shines.
“Walk in Beauty” is the wonderful Native American Navajo blessing.
I trust you will follow this path this year.
Concentrate on the pictures which resonate for you.
Allow your inner joy to connect with them.
This will help you as you regally begin the year.

met's arrangement

Honor yourself

nyc lake

Nature conveys tranquility in the midst of the city


Even in architectural splendor, water soothes

caribbean blue

In its fullness, it rejoices into Caribbean Blues

lucky dolphin

A lucky dolphin

mountains in montana

Majestic mountains in Montana


Orchids cling to truth


Autumnal Roses


Blazing into glory


Refinement from China

birds of paradise

Birds of Paradise painted by Georgia O’Keefe in Hawaii

taj mahal

The Taj Mahal

nfp arts building

The Nakashima Foundation for Peace Arts Building
World Monuments Fund


The purity of white poinsettias


A tropical waterfall with bouganvillea

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