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miriam-birthdayNovember is the month of giving thanks. It is also my birthday month and so it is a very special time for me. I believe that birthdays are the beginning of a new cycle for each of us. On that special day we are more receptive to our inner nature and can grow in mind body spirit from its guidance.

How lucky I am to have my new cycle be in this month!

thanksgiving ladyAs we know, the emotion of gratitude is one of the most powerful there is. I can assure you that I am filled – humbly and joyously – with gratitude. Right now, right here in the north east of America.

Since it is my time of new beginnings, I have decided to start to use Constant Contact to stay in touch with you. This way, I shall be able to easily share with you all my blogs, events, appearances and special offerings that I sincerely trust will be of service for you.

This signals a commencement to create deeper bonds with you as I integrate my life and work ever more fully to be a flowering of my purpose.

falltree-ccThe autumn chill in the air and the multicolored leaves of red, orange and gold on the trees have motivated me as my deep love –-for those personally near me, my friends/clients across the globe, the special organizations I am involved with and mother earth herself – expresses its aspirations in a clear voice.

Let us all do the “happy dance” and sing a grateful tune in giving thanks this November.

I certainly am and I trust you are too***


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